First and Second Level Cache in Hibernate:

If you have used Hibernate in past then you know that one of the
strongest points of the Hibernate framework is caching, which can
drastically improve the performance of Java application’s persistence
layer if configured and used correctly.

Hibernate provides caching at many…

An API(Application Programming Interface) represents a group of classes and interfaces using which a programmer can develop applications or software, In Java 8, a new package has been provided for creating and working with streams,

We know that a stream represents flow of data from one place to another…

We write a method in the form of sum(int a, int b), since the method has only two parameters, so we can pass only two values or two arguments to this method, it is not possible to pass more than two values to this method sum()

Suppose we want to…

pom.xml :

Maven is Dependency management and build tool used to handle
both stand alone and Archetype (web, restful) applications.

Dependency Management:
Getting main Jars and its child jars with version support
(without conflicts) into project workspace is called as
Dependency Management.

Converting our application into final JAVA executable format i.e .jar/.war/.ear…

A Runner is an auto-executable component which is
called by container on application startup only once,
In simple this concept is used to execute any logic
(code) one time when application is started,

Spring Boot provides two interfaces, CommandLineRunner
and ApplicationRunner, to run specific pieces of code
when an application…

JAR stands for Java ARchive

WAR stands for Web application ARchive

EAR stands for Enterprise Application aRchive

A JAR file extension is .jar and is created with jar command
from command prompt (like javac command is executed). Generally,
a JAR file contains Java related resources like libraries, classes
etc.JAR …

Java Autoboxing and Unboxing with examples:

Java 1.5 introduced a special feature of auto conversion
of primitive types to the corresponding Wrapper class and
vice versa.

Automatic conversion of primitive types to the object of
their corresponding wrapper classes is known as autoboxing,
For example — conversion of int to…

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